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Welcome Smart Developers & Thinkers!

Join us at elektro:camp(«2013.11») on 1+2 November 2013 at the StayOkay on the island Texel in the Netherlands!

Elektro:Camp is a participative workshop on Smart Metering, Smart Home, Smart Grid and Smart Ideas, in a BarCamp style.

This is the 7th meeting of the open source metering community. The concept worked very well at the previous meetings in Kaiserslautern (October 2010), Stuttgart (May 2011), Groningen (November 2011), Offenburg (May 2012), Leuven (October 2012) and Kaiserslautern (April 2013)

You're thinking of participating for the first time? To get an impression of the previous elektro:camp you might want to take a closer look at the proceedings.

This time it is an all in arrangement, including sleeping accommodation in a hostel.




Use this Google Map for directions to the car park and venue:

The address to the ferry is: Havenplein 1, Den Helder, Netherlands

You can go by car on the ferry with the Teso, a return ticket costs €36,50.

A foot-passenger only pays €2,50 and we have an excellent bus service to the Hostel.

If you want to leave your car in Den Helder you can park it for free on the parking lot next to the terminal. For the parking lot please follow the signs “P Texel”, “Afhalen + Wegbrengen”. The parking lot is not guarded. See parking map

The ferry leaves every hour, half past the hour. Latest ferry is 21:30 hrs.


See StayOkay

This time it is an all in arrangement, including sleeping accommodation.

We start on Friday the first of November with dinner at 18:00 and after that we start with an evening session from 19:00 - 22:00. The Saturday program is as usual. See schedule below.

The costs are:

Single room including dinner, breakfast, lunch €57,- p.p.

Stay in two persons room including dinner, breakfast, lunch €49,50 p.p.

Stay in a four persons room including dinner, breakfast, lunch €42,- p.p.

(Prices excluding tourists tax of €1,60 per night)

If you want to stay an extra night from Saturday on Sunday, it will cost €19.50 p.p. with breakfast (independent on the type of room).


In order to help us organize things, please let us know that you want to come. Please do so as early as possible, because we need to organize things in advance. Just sign up on this page: ec1311-signup


Anyone is welcome to present a topic during one of the sessions. If you cannot allocate your presentation/demo/workshop to an existing topic, then please add it to the FIFO queue below and we'll see how we can fit it in:

Fr. 01.11.2013
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Introduction
19:30 Session 1
20:30 Coffee & Tea
20:45 Session 2
22:00 Drinks
Sa. 02.11.2013
8:30 Session 3
10:00 Coffee & Tea
10:15 Presentation Pilot Smart Grid Texel (Arie Hobbel - Gap Gemini)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Session 4
14:45 Coffee & Tea
15:00 Session 5
16:30 Closing


Please use the twitter tag #ec1311. You can also use this wiki to create session transcripts or drafts or $whatever, please create a page with the „EC1311“ prefix and link it here:

Placeholder for copy of presentation slides.

Questions & Info

For questions and other info, please contact Frank Oxener.

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