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Welcome Smart Developers & Thinkers!

Join us at the elektro:camp(«2011.5») Workshop on 27. und 28.5.2011 in Stuttgart, Germany!

This is a convention on Smart Metering, Smart Home, Smart Grid and Smart Ideas, in a BarCamp style.

This concept worked very well at the ElektroCamp in October 2010 in Kaiserlautern, but we can't wait till next October…


Thanks for coming, it was a great event.

Fr. 27.5.2011
Time Room P01 “Venice Beach”
17:30 Doors Open
18:00 Welcome & Scheduling
18:45 Session 1
19:30 Session 2
20:00 Eat, Geek - Man, Woman at a local eatery
Sa. 28.5.2011
Time Room P01 “Venice Beach”
9:00 Coffee & Tea, Scheduling
9:15 Session 3
10:00 Session 4
10:30 Coffee & Tea, Scheduling
11:00 Session 5
11:45 Session 6
12:30 Lunch, Scheduling
13:15 Session 7
14:00 Session 8
14:45 Coffee, Tea, Scheduling
15:00 Session 9
15:45 Session 10
16:30 Closing

Session Scheduling Algorithm

Everyone can propose sessions, you can propose sessions by adding sessions below or just anouncing it during the event. There will be a whiteboard representing the session slots. If you want to offer a session, you just stick a note to the whiteboard. The algorithm for adding a new session topic to the schedule is:

// ...
synchronized (Schedule.instance()) {
  // grab tools from the environment
  // now, add a new session
  if(schedulePtr.num_free_session_slots() > 0) {
    schedulePtr.attach(card, slot);
// here be dragons

If you want to join someone in a session, just go in the appropriate room. If you see someone proposing the same topic as you, talk to her and join forces.


  • Demand Side Management
  • Smart Metering
  • Home Automation
  • Home Displays & User Interfaces


In order to help us organize things, please let us know that you want to come. Please do so as early as possible, because we need to organize things in advance. Just sign up on this page: ec1105-signup


A list of pending things to do for the event: EC1105ToDo


Please use the twitter tag #ec1105. You can also use this wiki to create session transscripts or drafts or $whatever, please create a page with the „EC1105“ prefix (i.e. „EC1105OktoBus“) and link it here:

* OktoBus Session documentation

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