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You can find the coordination page for Elektro Camp 2012.05 here

Welcome Smart Developers & Thinkers!

Basic RGB Join us at the elektro:camp(«2011.10») Workshop on 4 and 5.11.2011 in Groningen, the Netherlands!

Elektro:Camp is a convention on Smart Metering, Smart Home, Smart Grid and Smart Ideas, in a BarCamp style.

This is the third meeting of the community metering community. The concept worked very well at the previous meetings in Kaiserslautern (October 2010) and Stuttgart (May 2011).


In this section you can find the proceedings, transcript or program in retrospective of the elektro:camp(«2011.10»).

The Electro:Camp 2011 was visited by approx. 30 people from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Zwitserland.

Friday 4 November

The camp started with a welcome word, followed by an introduction round: each participant gave a brief introduction on his/her background and interests.

The demonstration session that followed, was an opportunity to demonstrate cool stuff and introduce the various technologies. Among these were.

  • An 8x8x8 RGB Led Cube where the animation was driven by the amount of electrical power consumed by a house. For details about the cube follow this link. A movie of the animation is to be included.
  • Jean-Claude Wippler from JeeLabs gave an introduction to the |JeeNode and new developments like the JeeNode micro, a smaller and even lower power version of the JeeNode based on ATTiny microcontroller.
  • Bart van der Meersche from Flukso described the Flukso energy monitor.
  • The HexaBus open source home automation system based on devices communicate using 6LoWPAN on 868 MHz.
  • A demonstration of the first IPv6 enabled (HexaBus) water cooker!
  • The Volkszaehler project. This project provides and works on a complete energy monitoring solution: backend software and instructions for

building your own energy meter. One of the volkszaehler demo's were a HexaBus node with DIN-rail formfactor, and a read-write-module for modern electricity meters.

The demonstration session was followed by dinner in the form of Pizza's and a drinks party, both kindly offered by TNO.

Saturday 5 November

This day started with a short introduction round for the new participants, that weren't there on friday. Scheduling was done by writing subjects on post-its, and arranging them to similar subjects. This resulted in a number of sessions on the following subjects:

  • Connecting to devices, Reading out gas and water meter
    • The XIOIO lab prototyping in a box system is a software programmable I/O device with a webbased drag-and-drop UI for writing programs. The device is used in over here for various home-automation and energy saving projects.
    • Reading out the gas and electricity meter with some beautiful woodwork and embedded java (?) and a discussion on how to debounce the sensor signal.
  • HexaBus progress, including more demonstrations
  • Update on Flukso and a post mortem analysis of the Flukso V2. How to coop with CE certifying and a lessons learned on debugging and fixing EMC problems.
  • Very low power design, AC Power measuring, Accuracy
  • Visualisation
    • HTML Graphing libraries.
    • Feedback on energy consumption.
  • Remote management, and deployment
  • Security, Anonymous authentication
  • Forecasting, Demand side management
  • API's, Standardization

Concluding remarks



Eemsgolaan 3



by Car

A map of the location is available here.

Hotel suggestions

Google the following hotels (or on

Mercure Groningen EUR 55,-

Budget hostel Groningen EUR 25,-

Martini hotel Groningen EUR 84.50 (valid until oct 25, reservation code “TNO ICT” and includes breakfast)

What to expect from the Elektro:Camp ?

The elektro:camp is a BarCamp style conference. They elektro:camp is an open, participatory workshop-event, the content of which is provided by participants.

To get some Idea, here is a small list of topics presented in the previous Elektro:Camps

  • The Flukso energy monitoring system
  • DIY energy consumption counter project Volkszaehler
  • A microcontroller based wireless network: Amica
  • The MySmartGrid demand side management project
  • Home automation projects like a Washing machine remote control system
  • Interfacing with utility consumption meters
  • Privacy aspects of the smart grid
  • 6LoWPAN wireless networking for Home Automation: OctoBus, now known as HexaBus

Friday nov 4th, up front this barcamp, there is a seminar about energy management by internet communities also at TNO. Both industry and the internet community are talking about energy management. Perhaps this is interesting for some of you. More information and registration at EMIC


Fr. 4.11.2011
17:30 Doors Open
18:00 Welcome
18:45 Introduction by the participants
19:30 Session 1
20:00 Dinner & Social Event
Sa. 5.11.2011
9:00 Coffee & Tea, Scheduling
9:15 Session 2
10:00 Session 3
10:30 Coffee & Tea, Scheduling
11:00 Session 4
11:45 Session 5
12:30 Lunch, Scheduling
13:15 Workshop 1 parrallel workshop 2
14:45 Coffee, Tea, Scheduling
15:00 Workshop 3 parrallel workshop 4
16:30 Closing

Possible subjects for sessions and/or demo's

The following is a preliminary list of topics to be presented during the sessions/demos. Please use this space to propose sessions:

  • ..
  • please add above your name and title of your presentation/demonstration

Workshop topics

The following is a preliminary list of possible workshop topics for the Elekto:Camp. Please use this space to propose workshops:

  • Demand Side Management
  • Smart Metering
  • Home Automation
  • Home Displays & User Interfaces
  • Device recognition based on energy profile (fingerprinting)
  • Standards
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • ..


In order to help us organize things, please let us know that you want to come. Please do so as early as possible, because we need to organize things in advance. Just sign up on this page: ec1110-signup


A list of pending things to do for the event: EC1110ToDo


Please use the twitter tag #ec1110. You can also use this wiki to create session transcripts or drafts or $whatever, please create a page with the „EC1110“ prefix and link it here:

Questions & Info

For questions and other info, please contact Pieter Meulenhoff

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