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List of helpful tools for visiting out participants in case of any problems:

  • Screwdriver (MD: Buy)
  • Pliers (MD: Buy)
  • Multimeter (MD: Buy)
  • Koffer (MD: Buy)
  • mounting
    • Ducktape
    • Wire Tie (MD: Buy)
    • double-sided adhesive tape (for (re)mounting exchanged Fluksos)
  • Replacement Flukso + Cables + Clamps
  • DLAN Modems (plug and play)
  • WLAN Antenna (assess whether they are helpful)
  • WLAN Repeater (needs WLAN auth keys)
  • Network cable (multiple lengths 3m + 5m) (MD: Buy)
  • Laptop
  • UMTS Stick (not really required)


  • WLAN access data of participant available?
  • Wifi reception good enough?
    • Configure Wifi via webinterface
    • ssh to the Flukso, check iwconfig for signal quality
  • Double check crypto key and SSID
  • if Wifi fails, install DLAN
  • Check internet access of flukso via ssh and ping.
  • Flukso sends heartbeats but no data in the diagram visible
    • check wiring of the current probes. On the probes '+' is red. The wires go in the flukso starting with a red one, where the red 'O' is.
  • Inform the participants, what has been done.
  • Explain what the problem was, what you have done and why it's now working.
  • Adjust your level of technobabble to the level of the participant's understanding (If they absolutely have no clue about computer stuff, compare the problem with something out of their daily life. They'll understand and feel good.)
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