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German Version

Please find the German version of this document here: Fluksov2Aktualisierung.

Bitte klicken Sie hier für die deutsche Version dieses Dokuments: Fluksov2Aktualisierung.


Changelogs can be found at changelog

Building new Images

How to build new Images: build

Flashing new Images

Bart published an update for the Fluksov2 supporting non-integer values for the meter constant. This allows the use of S0-counter with more than 1000 imp/kWh. The update can be downloaded from

The MySmartGrid version can be downloaded from here:

There are two options to flash new images to your device:

  1. Flashing via Redboot (Bootloader) - recommended
  2. Flashing via ssh

1. Flashing via Redboot (Bootloader)

This is the recommended option.


You need the following things in advance:

  • a flukso v2 device
  • a PC or laptop running Linux, preferably Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • an ethernet cable

Preliminary software installation

You need to take the following steps:

chmod a+x ap51-flash.x86_64.bin

Actual flashing

  • Now, connect your computer with the ethernet cable to your flukso device. Then, run the following script:
sudo ./ap51-flash.x86_64.bin eth0 openwrt-atheros-root.squashfs openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.lzma
  • When ap51-flash is running, power up your flukso. The script now flashes the new image to your device. Wait until the script is done.
  • When the power LED of the flukso starts to blink, wait another 3 minutes.
  • Open a browser. Surf to the address You should see the flukso configuration interface.

2. Flashing via ssh

You can also use the command line of the flukso to flash the new images. In this case you do not need to catch the booloader but wait until the device is up and you can connect via ssh (Secure Shell, a cryptographic network protocol). To flash the new images run the following on your flukso.

cd /tmp
mtd write openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.lzma vmlinux.bin.l7
mtd write openwrt-atheros-root.squashfs rootfs

Now you can reboot the device and be happy with your new system.

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