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These are the settings for an additional firewall protecting your whole home network. The configuration of the internal flukso firewall can be found here: FluksoSSH.

With standard firewall settings there should be no problems.

The flukso needs at least the ports

  • 53 (name service),
  • 123 (NTP time service) and
  • 8443 (for the flukso API)

to be open for outgoing connections.

If the flukso doesn't have access to the NTP time service, it doesn't get the current date and uses 1-1-1970 internally. Then the security certificate isn't accepted. The error message is “certificate expired”, even though the certificate is not valid yet. Caused by this error, the flukso daemon cannot start and it cannot record any measurements.

To display the mySmartGrid website, the ports 443 (HTTPS) and 80 (WWW) need to open, too.

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