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 +=== "sub-1000W-bug" ===
 +== Problem ==
 +The FluksoUSB Board doesn't give any values below about 50Watts.
 +== Solution ==
 +Because of the higher operating voltage than in the original flukso, the ADC-unit has an offset. To fix the gap you have to apply a little voltage as precharge. This is done by a simple voltage divider soldered to one terminal of input 4 and two pins at JP3.
 +A 20-round potentiometer ([[|962-20 10K]] from Reichelt) has been used.
 +Connect pin 1 of a 10k potentiometer to pin 10(GND) of JP3 (foremost away from screw terminal), from pin 2 of the potentiometer to INPUT4 ( 2nd screw terminal from the left, if looked at from behind with screw terminals on bottom edge), and finally pin 3 to pin 1(VCC) on JP3. See also the following image:
 +Turn the potentiometer to the left.
 +Now connect a single clamp between terminal 1(red wire) and terminal 9(black wire on sensor, INPUT4 on board) or 3 clamps in series between screw terminal 3 and 9(INPUT4). Turn the potentiometer to the right, until the value measured is bigger than 0W. Now slowly turn it back, until the measured power is 0W again. 
 +Now fluksousb is calibrated.
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