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Flukso USB development board

The Flukso USB development board is a small PCB, intended for development work. It reproduces all features of the Flukso sensor board, but has an FTDI USB-serial chip. It can be connected to any USB port. The software port and hardware reference is on github: You can clone a local copy of the repository using

git clone


  • ATMega644 microcontroller: JTAG, ISP & all relevant other ports are accessible via pinheaders
  • FTDI FT232RL usb-serial converter
  • USB connection
  • 16 MHz crystal

Building the hardware

You need to be able to solder SMD components, I am using the “solder wick” method here (google is your friend). The components are fairly easy to mount. Start with the FTDI and ATMega644 components, then continue with the resistors and capacitors, then the crystal and the large cap, finally install pinheaders and the USB connector.

The layout of the board is fairly simple:

Component overview

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