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This page is supposed to help getting fluksoUSB to work.

There are bits and pieces for most of it floating around the net - alas it doesn't seem to work properly yet.

What is fluksoUSB?

To answer this you should first of all give Flukso itself a look. Flukso is an open source web-based community metering application. It basically consists of two devices combined into one:

  • an ATmega based measuring PCB that you can hook up transducers to
  • an Atheros based OpenWRT system

The two of them are linked via UART (for Flukso v1 - it's SPI for Flukso v2 which is going to be available any time soon). fluksoUSB ist the ATmega part of Flukso


There is a brilliant description on how to get the hardware to work

The description to fix the sub-1000W-bug can be found here.


  • You can find software for it in comsound's github repo. It doesn't give readings below some 1.000 Watts though - still some funny bug in it.
    • has nothing to do with the software, only a hardware-bug, see below
  • domke seems to have put together something, too.


  • Using comsound's github repo fluksoUSB only gives “0 Watts” below a load of some 1.000 Watts
    • hardware-bug, see questions


  • What stops us from using the new flukso code?
    • The new flukso uses SPI for communication, which the current hardware cant handle, but the fluksousb v2 can (currently in planning)
  • Why does fluksoUSB only show reasonable values when more than 1.000 Watts are connected?
    • this is due to the offset-error from the ADC of the Atmel, which is higher when running at 5V compared to the 3V in the original flukso v1.
    • To resolv the issue, it is necessary to aply a voltage of about 20mV(for one current clamp, 3 not yet tested) to the ground connector(black wire) of the current clamp. This can be done using a voltage divider(or potentiometer) connected to JP3 1st and last pins. I will provide more detailed instructions (with images) soon.

People working on it

* Dominik Keller

* Justin Otherguy

  • mission statement: get the guys working on fluksoUSB onto one virtual table, make fluksoUSB work against volkszaehler
  • git repo(s): -
  • blog/other: -

* Stephan Platz

* Tobias Jeske

  • mission statement: build library for encoding and decoding SML messages, written in C, platform-independent
  • git repo(s): -
  • blog/other: -

* Maximilian Eckardt

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