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Please enter your name and an email address in the table below. That's it! See you in Leuven this fall.

Use this Google Map for directions to the car park and venue:

  1. Bart Van Der Meerssche (
  2. Jean-Claude Wippler (
  3. Pieter Meulenhoff (
  4. Dominik Keller (dominik.keller ät
  5. Markus Gebhard (markus.gebhard AT
  6. Kerstin Gebhard (gebhard.karlsruhe AT
  7. Roggen Bram (broggen AT alertnet . be)
  8. Tobias Lange (tobias.lange AT
  9. Lieven Hollevoet (
  10. Matthias Detremmerie (
  11. Amin Zayani (amin[dot]zayani[at]optimalabs[dot]de)
  12. Koen De Voegt (koen [at] devoegt [dot] be) SATURDAY ONLY
  13. Willy Wittesaele (w2 at skynet dot be)
  14. Frank Oxener (frank.oxener[at]
  15. Roel De Coninck (roel.deconinck at 3e dot eu)
  16. Frank Scholz (
  17. Alwik Tiggelaar (alwik [at] alwik [punt] nl)
  18. Sean Buckheister (sean.buckheister ät
  19. Ely de Oliveira [conditionally] (
  20. André Tsjerniak (tsjerniak AT ac [punt] nl [punt] eu [punt] org)
  21. Udo Schake (udo1 AT gmx dot net) perhaps Saturday only
  22. Steven Soetaert (
  23. Andrew Vande Moere (andrew DOT vandemoere AT asro DOT kuleuven DOT be) [Friday only…]
  24. Jan De Vogelaere (saturday only)
  25. Simon Schoeters |(saturday only)
  26. Clara Verhelst (saturday only)
  27. Johan Lorré (saturday afternoon) (info aT lorre punkt be)
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