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We have two rooms and a foyer for our event. Interactivity is better than listening: Our goal is to provide a platform for discussions. If you would like to present something, keep it short and allow for discussions afterwards. As with all rules, there are exceptions - but be reasonable.

We will built the schedule for the event incrementally during the breaks. Everyone can propose sessions, you can propose sessions by adding sessions below or just anouncing it during the event. There will be a whiteboard representing the session slots. If you want to offer a session, you just stick a note to the whiteboard.


Foyer Room Z.03.07 Room Z.03.08
18:00 Snacks & Welcome, Scheduling
18:30 Session 1 Session 2
19:15 Session 3 Session 4
20:00 Break & Rescheduling
20:30 Session 5 Session 6
21:15 Closing


Foyer Room Z.03.07 Room Z.03.08
9:00 Coffee & Tee, Scheduling
9:15 Session 7 Session 8

Session proposals

Please use this space to propose sessions:

  • Smart Meter: Deployment issues
  • Visualization of Energy Consumption Data
  • Open-Source Home Automation (See also: Project Octobus)
  • Demonstration
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